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Have Tank Will Travel Dive Service has been in the diving industry and community for 44 years, experienced in diving various conditions from fresh water to the ocean, ponds, lakes and canals. Very seldom does weather stop us from our mission. We take pride in our work and services for the boating community to provide the very best service available wherever they may be.

We have worked with several institutions like Chicago Park District, Army Corps of Engineers, Edgewater hospital, Hyperbaric Clearing House, PM Lighting and dive shops around the country.

Special projects are also apart of our history, search and recovery of old Navy planes in Lake Michigan, Chicago shore line erosion impact surveys and underwater shore line and harbor clean up projects.

For the diving community we had developed Hyperbaric chamber tours at Edgewater Hospital (which is now closed) and also physicals provided by a diving physician for over 20 years. Played a key role in obtaining access to Chicago harbors and lake front areas for underwater clean up programs.

44 years of hull cleaning and underwater maintenance services to the boating community in Chicago, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, Michigan area harbors, as well as winter months in Florida serving our customers that head south for the winter.

Have Tank Will Travel Dive Service has affiliation with:


Professional Association of Diving Instructors Assistant Instructor #38091


American Legion

Divers Alert Network

International  Federation of Professional
     &  Technical Engineers






Hull / Topside / Cabin Cleaning
Prop Repair
Sail Boat Keel Repair (In Water)
Underwater Maintenance / Inspection
Underwater Video / Pictures
Search & Recovery
Mechanical Services
Electrical / Heating / Air-Conditioning / Refrigeration
Fiberglass / Gel-Coat Repair / Bottom Paint
Canvas / New / Repair
Concierge / Assistance /Care Taker Services
Captain Services

Boat / Car / Truck & RV Transport Services

Florida /Abroad (Islands) Winter Services
Splendide / Ariston Washer Combo Repair
Lee's Aerial Photo Services

For services not listed please feel free to contact us to see if we can help.  For winter requests, adequate advance notice is necessary, to allow proper scheduling, EXCEPT EMERGENCIES  If you are on a trip in the U.S. or abroad, and need assistance, please remember we are here to help in any way we possibly can. We always welcome new customers.

To discuss the program that’s right for you, please give us a call at:

630-833-2848 Bus. / 773-203-4509 David's Cell or 773-203-4115 Linda Cell

You can also send an email or click on service request.

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