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Two Ultimate 20s are in pre-start maneuvers off the Chicago Lake front.  Have Tank Will Travel maintains Charley Smart's Kindred Spirit, which like most sportboats, has no antifouling. While the boat can reach speeds of 20 knts in a good wind, a perfect bottom is critical.  Have Tank Will Travel is considered part of Kindred Spirit's racing team.

Charley Smart's Kindred Spirit is no longer racing. but many thanks for your business and help posting my web site on the internet when my business just got started.



Don't think that Have Tank Will Travel is limited to taking care of recreational boats.  In 2002, Dave was called to take care of a 12 foot gash below the water line of the Edgar Speers.  After underwater analysis Dave sealed the rip in the hull from the outside so that the compartment could be pumped and sealed. The ship could then continue its voyage until it could go into dry dock at its home port.
Have Tank Will Travel in 2009 was called to inspect the rudder bearings on M/V Sammuel de Champlain Tug.  Which is moored at Chicago South side Calumet River. This tug is 130 ft long.
Have Tank Will Travel in 2011 was called to inspect the the docks for the DNR in Antioch IL for possible damage to supports and flotation compartments. When electricity is not available to run a compressor a SCUBA Tank is used to hook into the reel system for support of the air supply while diving for the inspection
Have Tank Will Travel Dec. 2011 was called to inspect Kanan Tour Boat after heavy winds & storm during the week.


Take a look at some of the other boats we take care of.  Click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture of the boats.

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